Awesome Things You Can Experiencing The Best Dubai Packages From India

The departure begins at Dubai's air terminal. The travelers then move to their lodging. After lunch, we travel to Dubai City. The town's fascinating past is explored and a guided tour of the city. We first arrive at the stunning flamingo tide pond. At that point, we will be able to follow our bearings to Nad Al Sheba, where we will find the horse and camel race track. Then, you'll have the opportunity to see these amazing creatures in person at the hawk market. We then drive to Jumeirah, stopping at all the popular inns, until we arrive at the Jumeirah Mosque, which displays the beauty of Islamic primary design. We are asked to stay in the inn at night.

Day 2

Move on to Dubai Desert Safari Trip after breakfast You will have the opportunity to see the Arabian Golden Sand Dunes in 4WD. Feel the excitement of a daily existence and thrill ride along the sand ridges. To find the magical nightfall, you will stop at the top of the sand hill and enjoy some spectacular depictions. You can also get mineral water to energize your body. Then, we continue our journey to the Bedouin Campsite, the heart of the Desert. Here you'll have an unforgettable experience as Emiratis used to live before modern day routines influenced their lives. You can find Henna Design, nearby drink products, water, tea, or espresso at these Camp spots. You will experience the amazing depth of the Desert Arab way to live of old times.

Day 3

Day three is for shopping or downtime until evening. We continue our Dubai Dhow Cruise in the late evening around 8 pm. The pursuit ends at the well-known Dhow. It is a wonderful and magnificent way to relax and unwind. Al mansour is preparing to set sail for a new venture. One can relax in the atmosphere of full-administration bar and enjoy lunch and dinner travels, as well as 5 star hospitality and generousity. The amazing oriental cuisine is available to guests.

Day 4

End the day. With exquisite memories, fly home.

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